Environment - Refuse delved fuel mechanical Treatment

treatment specification
1 Wastes input Selected combustible material in industrial wastes input
2 1’st Crusher Wastes input by crane.
Crushing the wastes as 10~12cm.
3 Rotation classifier As dryer using hot gas, dehydrate.
Soil etc. are Selected and discharged by holes of rotary drum.
4 Magnetic separator Selection for irons and metals from wastes.
5 Air classifier Selection for incombustibles and nonferrous metal by air.
6 2’nd Crusher Crushing the wastes as 2~3cm.
7 Feeder & storage 2’nd crushed wastes are stored at the storage tank. and supplied constant.
8 2’nd Magnetic separator Selection for Irons and metals that didn’t select in 4 stages.
9 RDF extrusion machine RDF production
10 RDF Surface coating processing

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